Modern Environment

With more than 3.000 square metres, our facility includes a fully-equipped playground, water park, sports court, natural grass playground, blackbox theatre, canteen, commercial kitchen and classrooms.

Our modern and multi-functional facility is designed to support a flexible learning environment where the students have an active role in their education. Uni Students encounter learning everywhere here.

Inspiring Environment

Multi-functional classrooms recognize that the layout of furniture can have a significant impact on learning outcomes. It allows for flexibility within the classroom space so that it can support different learning experiences.

With a variety of flexible seating options in the classrooms, students are able to wobble, bounce and rock which increases oxygen flow to brain. It also encourages students to take turns in different locations with different seating options.

The classroom layout encourages reasoning, relationship, leadership and group work skills. The classroom organisation is directly related to our teaching methodology.

Joyful Environment

Healthy Environment

At Uni Bilingual School we pride ourselves in providing a healthy environment.

All our school meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen by experienced cooks and supervised by a nutritionist to ensure that all of the children receive a balanced diet and create a nutritious environment during the time your child is in school.

The menus are designed very carefully to ensure a good variety of vegetables and fruits. In our dairy-free kitchen we prepare our own breads, jams, pastries, cakes and many more yummy meals. We stay away from refined and processed foods. We cater for allergies, intolerances, preferences, cultural and dietary needs.

We also offer daily lunch and dinner upon subscription of one of our meal package options.

Safe Environment

In order to ensure a safe environment, our school has biometric readers for all employees and cameras throughout the school monitoring activity in the surroundings and the common areas.

Team Environment

Our structure, safety and teaching program are key elements of our DNA, but the real UNI difference is in our team.

Management, our teachers, passionate educators who love what they do, our kitchen, cleaning and administrative staff are all entirely dedicated to students and parents.

We are committed to creating a wonderful place to teach and learn by constantly investing in inovation, education, structure and safety.

Uni Bilingual School

Cambridge International School

The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

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