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There are many options when choosing a school for your child. Here at Uni Bilingual School, we try to make this choice easier for the parents.

Building on over 25 years of history we have created a brand new facility and environment which promotes learning and experiences allowing children to reach their full potential.

Educational Objectives

• To study the Educational Project and School Regiment constantly by socializing it with the school community, promoting the use of sustainable technology and innovative educational practices that support our teaching methodology;

• To innovate the way we communicate with family and staff in order to achieve an active involvement of the school community;

• To encourage the school community to participate in the planning of the school calendar;

• To develop an brief educational plan containing our key competitive advantages and student’s activities to be sent to parents;

• To establish a straightforward relationship with students’ parents by face-to-face meetings, parents meetings, family day and customer satisfaction survey.


To ensure a learning environment that meets the specific needs and interests of each student, developing the grounding of a bilingual education required by outstanding people.


To be recognized nationally as a top quality bilingual school in early childhood and primary education.


• Transparency
• Commitment
• Sustainability
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Simplicity

Sucess factors

• Customer Service
• Flexibility
• Relationship
• Teaching Methodology
• Facilities
• Innovation

Uni Bilingual School

Cambridge International School

The Cambridge international curriculum sets a global standard for education, and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

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